Author Testimonials
CE Ricci
Harley Laroux

The time and effort Zainab put into making my manuscript shine absolutely blew me away.

I cannot recommend her enough. The suggestions she gave to close up plot-holes in my book and make the words flow were honestly priceless. She was also incredibly kind and encouraging - I was nervous to be working with an editor for the first time, but she made the experience fantastic.

She gives thorough (and hilarious, lol) comments, and kindly educates on why she makes the changes she does.

I will absolutely be working with her again!

Zainab is so quick and efficient! I was floored by the amount of time it took her to get through my manuscript and to do it so well! She caught inconsistencies, however minimal they might've been and made note of both errors and even teaser lines!

Her communication skills and timeliness make her a no-brainer for editing!

Zainab was a lifesaver for my latest book. She's kind, professional and has an eye for detail.

I called on her at the very last minute and she was quick and very thorough with my manuscript.


I'm very grateful to her! 

Emilia Lourose

Zainab from Heart Full of Reads is absolutely AMAZING!

I struggle a lot with establishing emotional connections in the early chapters of my books. She’s helped me grow so much as a writer that I’m now consciously analyzing how my characters can grow together emotionally before they do physically.

Zainab is very sweet and will give you the criticism that you need. My stories, scenes, and characters have improved so much with her help. She’s helped add depth to my alpha-male characters to make them sweet just for their mates.

She’ll work with you to understand why something isn’t working and give you advice on how to improve a character or a scene. I’d compare her knowledge and skills to some of my college creative writing professors. She’s THAT good.

Along with written feedback, she’s even sent me voice messages with feedback I might’ve not understood or sections that just weren’t working. She is dedicated, passionate, and cares so much about an author’s success.

I would 100% recommend her to all my author friends Her turnaround rate is very quick, and she leaves a hefty amount of feedback on each book. If you’re considering working with her, definitely do it! You will not regret it!


I had such a great time working with Z!

Editing isn't supposed to be fun, but doing it for my book truly was, and it is largely due to Zainab's help.

First if all, she removes the self doubt aspect of editing. You know, those moments where even you title starts to look like it's misspelled? Well, she takes care of them, either by scolding you for doubting yourself that much, providing a detailed and documented answer to your question, or just helping with the numerous tips she learnt with her teachers.

I'm not sure when she sleeps, because she's always available and open to talk about anything, whether it's the WIP she's actually editing, or the hypothetical WIP you might write someday.

Just be prepared for the streams of messages in all caps when she feels like you have been silent for so long, cause they happen. And possibly the weird nicknames.

But, I loved them, as I said before, they made editing fun!

To sum up, working with Zainab is like being adopted into a new family, except your adoptive mommy is a competent and dedicated editor.

I'm definitely going to work with her again!

Manuela Rouget

Highly recommend Zainab for her excellent editing skills. A self-proclaimed queen of dark romance, she is highly efficient and full of helpful knowledge. 

You're not just hiring an editor—but a friend, supporter, cheerleader and shoulder to cry on.

She is thorough and provided constructive, invaluable feedback that will benefit my manuscript to no end.

Her insights are perfectly balanced with targeted critique and praise. Hearing the positive evaluations has proven immensely beneficial to me, and as an independent author, I appreciate the passionate and committed service she provides. Looking forward to working with Zainab in the future and I'll be recommending her to all my fellow authors. 

J Rose

Zainab has been a true joy to work with. She is meticulous in her edits and when something can be interpreted or changed multiple ways for equal effect, she gives options that help maintain your style and voice.

I was incredibly lucky to find her all those months ago and have adored getting to know her, not only as an editor, but as a friend as well.

I highly recommend Zainab for edits, and will absolutely be working with her again in the future. Her turn around time is fantastic, and I love the shouty caps she leaves in comments on the document or through messenger when she finds a sentence, line, or entire chapter she adores.

If you haven't booked her yet, what are you waiting for? 

Mila Sin

What can I say about Zainab? She is the absolute best. She is so much more than an editor. She is a mentor, cheerleader, and a friend. She has helped me with this relaunch of my career, and I'm eternally grateful for her. She never lets me get down on myself, and she is so detailed in her edits.


Her enthusiasm for my characters and their stories are so contagious, that I am even more excited about their books. She took my mess of a manuscript and made it something I am proud of.


I love her and can't wait to work with her more. 

Anise Storm

Working with Zainab was an awesome experience.

She proofread my manuscript so quick and thorough I’ll definitely use her again.


And her comments were a joy to read. 

Danielle Lori