Content editing is also known by other names such as

substantive editing, developmental editing, structural editing.


A content edit is comprehensive as it entails a detailed edit of the entire plot, characters, flow, style, voice, and the basic structure of the story. If you want it to kick ass, I’m confident we can achieve that together.


Content Editor


A line edit focuses on preserving an author’s voice while ensuring their words are received the way they are intended, hence enhancing the readability. It covers editing for tone, flow, clarity, and language. Line editing is the second step in the structure of the editing process. 


According to Phon Baillie at Edit Republic, a line edit deals with content at the sentence and paragraph level like poor word use, repetitiveness, muddled content, clarity, sentence flow, among others. 

Line Editor
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Dark Romance



Add • Remove • Move • Substitute – A.R.M.S.

What is copy editing, I hear you say? Copyediting is the third step in the editing process. 

In a nutshell, copy editing improves the readability of written material and checks for grammatical and factual errors. It sounds pretty simple, right? Well, actually, it can be tricky, hence why I am here to step in and help. Let’s be honest, if you don’t know your “there” from your “their”, then it’s not going to end well. That’s where I step in. 

Copy Editor



Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. A proofread consists of checking for punctuation errors, grammatical issues, and minor formatting problems.

It is the final sweep of the document. 



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Are you looking to use more than one of my services? 

Then let's talk about your requirements.

*Prices are subjected to change based on the final evaluation of the manuscript.




A sample edit is optional yet recommended to check our compatibility and to avoid issues in future regarding our working style. Once you’re satisfied with the sample edit, we move on to the contract and other shiz.


I charge a non-refundable fee of $25 for a sample of 2,000 words. 

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